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River Cities Community Credit Union vests its interest in improving the financial interest and well being of our members not only in the present but in the future as well. River Cities Community Credit Union strives to provide the best service and financial security while also providing a stable and consistent financial performance.

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Happy International Credit Union Day! We take the time to celebrate the credit union difference and to recognize the contributions that credit unions make every day in the lives of our members and our communities worldwide. Beginning in 1948, credit unions have come together annually on the third Thursday or Friday in October to commemorate the credit union movement’s history and achievements. This year, a global credit union committee chose the theme “People Helping People®,” to anchor the celebration. “People Helping People®” embraces the longstanding credit union philosophy that people can improve one another’s financial well-being by working together. Those familiar words are engrained in credit union speak and characterize many cooperative principles. Since appearing in several past International Credit Union Day themes from the 1960s and 1980s, the phrase's meaning has stood the test of time. This year’s celebrations have potential to raise awareness of credit union benefits and ultimately attract more members worldwide—contributing to World Council’s goal of adding at least 50 million new members worldwide by the year 2020. The community commitment and positive economic and social change are just some of the ways that credit unions differ from traditional for-profit banks and financial institutions. Credit unions are very different, indeed, both in philosophy and structure. For more than 150 years, credit unions worldwide have proudly collaborated to put people before profits in order to provide access to affordable financial services for all members. Credit unions invest their earnings in helping members meet their financial goals. In addition to lower loan rates and better service, members experience the difference that comes through our democratic structure, service to members and social goals that credit unions embody. River Cities Community Credit Union is just one of more than 57,000 credit unions in the world serving 217 million members. Today we join our fellow credit union members in 105 countries to celebrate! Whether our members are rich or poor, from villages or cities, in communities at peace or in conflict, credit unions are helping them to create new opportunities every day. With access to a safe, convenient place to save their money and secure affordable loans, members from all walks of life are able to create new opportunities for themselves, including starting micro-businesses, building homes and educating their children. Our credit builder loan has help many people establish or build their credit. Our credit union opened its doors in 1958 with the vision to serve you—our members. Since then, our goal has always been the same: to meet your financial needs and to provide you with opportunities that enable you and your family to succeed. With your support, RCCCU has grown over the years to $3,000,000 in assets and 913 members, and we hope to continue growing with our community. In the spirit of International Credit Union Day, let us look beyond our local community to recognize credit unions for the important role they play in many distressed urban and rural areas worldwide. Many people would not have been able to afford to own homes, start new businesses or attend school without the help of their credit unions. In some areas of the world, people would have no access to financial services at all without their credit unions. No matter where you are in the world, access to financial services is vital. Rich or poor, we all face similar challenges in life. Together, credit unions are helping members overcome those challenges—not only here in Atchison, but throughout the world. Credit unions have consistently carried on the traditions set forth by their founders and exemplified the values of thrift, self-sufficiency and volunteer leadership democratically elected from among the members. Those qualities help credit unions create a special place for themselves among the world’s financial institutions.

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate International Credit Union Day! One member at a time, we are working to build a stronger community and we look forward to serving you and your family for years to come! RCCCU will have two events for International Credit Union Day this year. Make a Difference event will happen on Oct. 15th. Watch for details later! We’ll have our annual hot dog lunch benefitting the Atchison County Food Pantry on October 16th in front of our office at 625 Commercial from 11 am to 1 pm. A hot dog, chips and soda will be $3.00 or two hot dog lunch for $4.00. Credit Unions will be celebrating all over the world. When you’re a member, you’re an owner!


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